Crawling in a Mole Tunnel

The coolest thing about mole tunnel cams is that they let you see a mole's home even better than the mole itself gets to see it!

Eastern moles like the ones in this video spend so much of their time underground that their eyesight has dwindled to the point where they can't do much else other than distinguish between light and dark. Instead of keen eyesight, eastern moles have great hearing and spectacular noses-- their snouts stick out over their mouths,and can wiggle around to give the mole a great sense of touch and smell as it seeks out tasty earthworms and bugs to eat.

Eastern moles can be a great help in grassland ecosystems. Their tunnels help till soils in meadows and thin forests, making it easier for rainwater to get down to plant roots. They also dine greedily on destructive insects, helping to control the populations of invasive species like the Japanese beetle.

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