How To Write in Cursive // Lesson 4 // A complete Course // FREE Worksheets

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Learn or improve your cursive writing with basic drills that teach the moment of cursive. Core movements are then turns into letters and then words.
Great for students of any age!

* This series covers only lower case letters. Capital letters will in production.

Cursive is not only a disappearing art, it is a skill that can and should be taught to children at a young age (or learned at any age!). Ten reasons to teach cursive are:

1. Relative ease in introducing cursive penmanship to preschoolers.
2. Prevents reversals and confusion of letters
3. Enhance spelling ability
4. Develops internal control systems that can be used as tool for learning
5. Potential for errors are diminished
6. Improved reading skills
7. Enforces the skills for patterns in reading and writing
8. Prevents erratic spaces between letters and words
9. Helps Left Handed Children
10. Use as a tool to put thoughts on paper quickly and easily
(Source: Samuel L. Blumenfield, "How Should We Teach Our Children to Write? Cursive First, Print Later!")
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