The Who My Generation Explodes on Live TV 1967

Complete, uninterrupted live performance from 50 years ago. In 1967, The Who had one of the best live TV moments in rock music history. Unbeknownst to all others, Pete Townshend packed ten high-powered cherry bombs in Keith Moon's drum kit. Townshend smashed guitars while destroying instruments on stage in the Hollywood studio taping location, his usual antics during concerts. John Entwistle kept his cool while playing bass guitar. White smoke surrounded Roger Daltrey when the drums blew up at the end of My Generation.

The Who made their first US prime time television appearance during the Smothers Brothers September 1967 fall season, filmed at CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA. The Who did not appear again on US national television for nearly five decades; until the iconic rock group was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016. Watch The Who Hits 50! Tour on Cal Vid Playlist

THIS YEAR MARKS the 50th anniversary of Keith Moon’s international arrival as “British Patent Exploding Drummer”, a legend The Who sticksman had painted on his kit for the group’s summer 1967 tour of North America, which climaxed when he notoriously blew up his drums with ‘cherry bomb’ fireworks on popular SBros Comedy Hour TV show.

But, as revealed in a 22-page cover feature in the latest MOJO ’60s magazine (March 7, 2017), this was only the start of Moon’s madcap adventures in the USA.

Moving to Los Angeles in the mid-’70s, when The Who were off-the-road for months at a time, the drummer’s intake of drugs and booze – and his spending – spiralled out of control, placing huge pressure on The Who’s manager Bill Curbishley.

“I used to agonise over whether to do deals that would make money for him,” Curbishley told writer Rob Chapman. “I suppose I felt I was an enabler. I remember one instance when he phoned me and said, ‘I need money’, so I sent him $30,000. Three or four days later he says he needs a bit more, so I said, What have you done with the money? He went through [a list], and I said, That leaves $9,000 – what did you do with that? He said, ‘Well, it was Ringo’s birthday, so I got a plane and I wrote Happy Birthday Ringo in the sky.’ I told him if he wants more money to call Ringo, and put the phone down.”
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