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-High School-
Anatomy and Physiology

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The study of the body is amazing. The study of Anatomy and Physiology can help students thinking about going into the medical field later in their life. Luckily there are lots of resources for students. Giving students a variety of experiences helps them find their learning style.

Anatomy is the study of the structure of the human body and physiology is the study of the function of the human body.  Taken as a class together a student gets a real understanding of how the body works.  The human body is a complex set of systems working together like an orchestra playing a piece of music.

There is a vast network of systems to the body and the study of Anatomy and Phyislology is a big area to study.   Below is a list of some resources for understanding the way the body works. Of course whenever possibile the dissection of an animal is helpful in understand the workings of the body also. 

This Collection of videos are selected to help students to get the some areas of Anatomy and Physiology. Click on the picture to see the video.

Anatomy and Physiology Videos

A Crash Course in Anatomy and Pysiology is great quality video that is interesting.

Learn about the Cardiovascular System in 10 minutes. 

Video on the structure of the cell with great graphics.

Anatomy and Physiology study tips video. 

Anatomy and Physiology Extras

Hands on and visually appealing resource help to keep the interest alive. Click see these great options. 

A model of the torso.

Backbone model 

A great diagram of the nervous system. 

A great dissection kit if you get to dissect a frog, cat or dog.

Anatomy and Physiology Activities

Click on the images below to see more about each project.

A great app fof the the study of biology, chemistry, and physics. 

Wear your science lesson.  Students will really enjoy making these. 

Making a model of the skin and a lesson to go with it. 

Free online Anatomy games.

Anatomy and Physiology Printables

Below is a collections of great printable resources. Click on the image to get them.

Diagram of the hearts circulation.

Maek a brain to put on your head..

This is a huge Anatomy bundle with printables, organizers, notebooks,  and more.


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