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How to Grow Apples: Easy Fruit Planting Guide

Click here to view our range of Apple Trees:

How to plant Apple trees to grow your own fruit in the garden. Jeff shares his advice on growing successful fruit trees in this easy to follow how-to video.

At J. Parker's, we supply two year old trees grafted to dwarf stems. These can grow to around 3m and will yield excellent heavy crops, varying in purpose and size. These trees are easy to grow, particularly with Jeff's help, and will blossom and flower in Spring for a lovely display as well as producing fruit ready for picking through Autumn.

The UK's leading mail order plant and bulb supplier J. Parker's are in collaboration with regional personality Jeff Turner of Granada's gardener's Question Time North West to offer our customers great practical advice alongside our top quality products.

To check out our Apple Trees, as well as our full range of grafted Fruit trees, please follow the link below.

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