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Duck in the Fridge is a fun children's book about a father's story to his son. It begins with the young boy asking his father to read him a kids book before he goes to sleep. The father begins by telling a story about a duck in the fridge. The boy is in disbelief and asks, was is it really a duck in the fridge? The father confirms that it really was a duck in the fridge. Even more surprising than just that one duck, was that he found many more ducks all throughout his house. He was trying to get ready for bed but the ducks everywhere made it a bit of a challenge. But it got worse than just having a duck in the fridge, because the ducks began to order all kinds of food. The father tried calling 1-800-duck-be-gone for a special kit to scare away the ducks in the fridge. It turned out to only be a couple of sheep in a box. So in an attempt to get rid of the ducks in the fridge he ordered a bigger, scarier kit that actually was only three dogs. It turns out that in addition to the ducks in the fridge he also now had some sheep and dogs to deal with. All of the animals stayed up all night playing games and eating food and making a giant mess in his house. He ordered an even bigger kit of cows to scare away all the animals, including the ducks in the fridge. Towards the end of this children's story, the boy decides to read a story to get them all to fall asleep and be quiet. The animals seemed curious and so he continued to read and they loved the mother goose children's story he read them. The ducks in the fridge and all the other animals finally went to sleep.

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Author: Jeff Mack
Illustrator: Jeff Mack

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