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How to Make A Bouquet Flower Pop-up Card

A quick and easy way to make a great pop-up card for someone special in your life.

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1. Fold in half (width wide) and then tear all four papers in half.
2. Take one piece of paper and fold into quarters.
3. Fold down one flap diagonally and then turn over and fold the other side the same way which will form a triangle.
4. Holding the tip of the folded triangle, start cutting a curve across the smallest point of the folded edge. Once cut to the center then flip the cut portion over and continue cutting across the remaining half. That way the two sides are equal distance from the folded tip.
5. If done correctly, when you unfold you will have a lovely eight petal flower.
6. After making seven of these eight petal flowers you need to decorate by adding color to each one. I recommend you always color outward from the center and rotate the flower as you progress with coloring so you are always making your motion in the same direction. I also recommend you start with a light color first for the bottom and color almost to the tip of the flower petals. Your second color should be a little darker which will be layered over the first color and not extend as far thereby leaving some of the first color showing while the second color overlaps the first color. You could optionally do three colors with the third color the darkest. Put a very dark dot in the middle as a finishing touch.
7. After all seven of the flowers are colored you need to cut away one of the eight petals on each of the seven flowers. The flower will now look like a piece of pie is missing. Then add glue stick to one of the petals next to the missing section and overlap the other petal on the other side of the missing section. If done correctly you will have six petals (one was cut away leaving seven and two of the seven overlap leaving six).
8. By overlapping two of the petals the flower will no longer be flat.
9. Fold the flower in half so there are three petals when flattened.
10. Once you have seven flowers with six petals folded in half you are ready to start the bouquet assembly.
11. Position three flowers with the petals headed away from you in a vertical row.
12. Then put one flower with petals facing left and one flower with petals facing right just under the top flower. Repeat for the other two positioning just below the second center flower.
13. Put the tiniest bit of white glue: very near the top edge in the middle of all three pedals on the top middle flower, only on the top edge in the middle of the two inside pedals for the second two flowers, very near the top edge in the middle of all three pedals on the second middle flower, only on the top edge in the middle of the one inside pedal for the fifth and sixth flowers, and no glue on the last bottom seventh flower.
14. Now start stacking the flowers starting with the top middle flower remaining on the bottom as you stack. The second and third flowers will overlap the one outside petal only on each side of the first flower on the bottom. There will always be one missing section at the bottom that will never have a petal. Be very careful not to let excess white glue ooze out of the edges thereby gluing your flower bouquet shut. Don’t worry if the petals don’t line up but be very careful to be sure the points at the bottom all line up as you stack.
15. After stacking the second and third flower on the first flower’s outside petals you then put the middle fourth flower on top of the other three flowers right in the center.
16. Next overlap the fifth and sixth flower over only the outside one petal on each side.
17. Lastly, you will place the last seventh flower over the whole stack in the middle just like you did for the fourth flower. So the first, fourth, and seventh flower are centered and aligned with the second, third, fifth, and sixth flowers in between and only overlapping one petal each on the sides.
18. Fold the card in half and put the assembled stack of flowers inside the card with the missing section facing the fold in the card. Put a small dot of glue on the one center petal and close the card, rub the outside of the card on the area where the glue was placed, turn the card over, open the other side of the card, and repeat.
19. When you open the card for the first time be sure to put your thumbs over the newly glued spots on the petals so the action of opening the card doesn’t force the petal to come unglued.
20. Best to let the card dry open so any possible excess glue doesn’t force the card to be glued shut or any of the flowers to be glued together thereby not allowing the full opening of the beautiful bouquet.
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