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"The Letter L Song" by

"The Letter L Song" (See below for lyrics)

With its warm tones, "The Letter L Song" is a lovely example of soft rock, a style that derives its sound from an integration of folk music and mainstream rock 'n' roll. Since nature is a common focus of soft rock, you can take your child outside to watch this video and listen to the song.

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Song Lyrics:
Lori picked a load of lemons. I wonder what Lori made—
a lovely, luscious, lemon pie, and lots of lemonade!

And Leo was a lazy lion. He would lie down all day.
When a lizard landed on his leg, he leapt up and ran away!

La la la la, loo loo loo.
When this little song is through
you will all know how to tell
the words that begin with the letter l.

Lollipops and ladybugs, lucky, love, and laughter—
words that start with the letter l live on forever after!

La la la la, loo loo loo.
Now this little song is through,
and you all know how to tell
the words that begin with the letter l.

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