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Theodore Roosevelt - Champion of Protecting Bird Populations - Part 1 of 4

A narrative of TR's role in bird preservation which includes factual footage taken on his visit under the auspices of the National Audubon Society to bird sanctuary islands off the coast of Louisiana, June 1915. Mating habits and domestic life of snowy egrets and their plunder by hunters are dramatized. Scenes of egrets' nest and the hunt, kill, and plucking of birds serve as the prologue to depiction of TR as bird preservationist. Views of TR and John M. Parker, leader of the Louisiana Progressive party, aboard the Audubon Society's boat, the Royal Tern; views of TR standing in marshes, with what is perhaps the Louisiana Conservation Commission yacht in background. Herbert K. Job, photographer for the expedition and noted ornithologist, appears on the beach with his camera; TR examines eggs and talks with other members of the expedition: a man who is probably J. Hippolyte Coquille, a local photographer; M. L. Alexander in light pants, president of the Louisiana Conservation Commission; John Parker, with his back to camera; and game warden William Sprinkle. Additional scenes of TR exploring island and observing birds along beach and views of a variety of shore birds including royal terns, black skimmers, laughing gulls, brown pelicans, blue herons, and egrets.
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