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DIY Starbucks Rainbow Drinks Aka Starbucks Purple Drink, DIY Slime+ More DIY Pinterest Tested! DIYS to do when you're BORED! Download Best Fiends for FREE:
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Here I am Testing Weird Summer DIYS so you don't have to try and FAIL! With so many DIY's out there its hard to know which actually work.
Starbucks Rainbow Drinks Aka how to make Starbucks Purple Drink is super easy just watch! These drinks are PERFECT for the summer time if you're craving something sweet, cold, and refreshing! Starbucks Rainbow Drinks are the best thing about summer, but they're difficult to order, so just make your own!

I tested 3 Ingredient Slime recipe I found to see if these actually work..You Need Glue, Laundry Detergent, and food Coloring. I read that it's important that you mix it really really well and it will work if just add a little bit at a time and mix it well with the glue as I’m doing here. The slime should eventually stop sticking to the bowl and at first be really wet and difficult to work with but keep kneading it with your hands and you will have the perfect slime. See what actually happened.

Pinterest has a lot of DIY Henna Tattoos for summer, but I tested this one using puffy paint. I googled example images to find a design I liked, then used the paint to draw the henna on my hand. Its supposed to be very easy and dry quick so you can peel it off and be done with it.

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