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Georg Philipp Telemann

Essercizii Musici
Part A (12 Solo sonatas)
1. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:F4
3. Flute Sonata, TWV 41:D9
5. Viola da Gamba Sonata, TWV 41:a6
7. Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:d4
9. Oboe Sonata, TWV 41:B6
11. Suite in C major, TWV 32:3
13. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:A6
15. Flute Sonata, TWV 41:G9
17. Viola da gamba Sonata, TWV 41:e5
19. Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:C5
21. Oboe Sonata, TWV 41:e6
23. Suite in C major, TWV 32:3

Part B (12 Trio sonatas)
2. Trio No.1 for Recorder, Oboe, Continuo, TWV 42:c2
4. Trio No.2 for Viola da gamba, Cembalo, Continuo, TWV 42:G6
6. Trio No.3 for Violin, Oboe, Continuo, TWV 42:g5
8. Trio No.4 for Flute, Cembalo, Continuo, TWV 42:A6
10. Trio No.5 for Violin, Recorder, Continuo, TWV 42:a4
12. Trio No.6 for Flute, Viola da gamba, Continuo, TWV 42:h4
14. Trio No.7 for Recorder, Viol, Continuo, TWV 42:F3
16. Trio No.8 for Recorder, Cembalo, Continuo, TWV 42:B4
18. Trio No.9 for Flute, Violin, Cello, Continuo, TWV 42:E4
20. Trio No.10 for Violin, Viola da gamba, Continuo, TWV 42:D9
22. Trio No.11 for Flute, Oboe, Continuo, TWV 42:d4
24. Trio No.12 for Oboe, Cembalo, Continuo, TWV 42:Es3

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